The Dutch Health and Safety Act prescribes the requirements that employers and employees must meet in order to be allowed to go with lifting appliances. The Working Conditions Decree, Article 7.18. Status: (3) Lifting appliances are operated by persons having special expertise.

Think of lifting equipment such as:

- Hall and / or gantry cranes

- Cranes on a factory for loading and unloading of trucks

- Cranes in the harbor

- Truck with lifting arm (lifting frame)

- Cranes (mobile cranes, telescopic loaders, excavators, truck cranes, etc.) smaller than 10Tm

VCBarneveld in co-operation with your company a course for that machine. The course is not only learned how to safely handle with the crane but also attaching with hoisting equipment, safe at work and communicatie during the hoist.

A training is possible from one day to several days depending on the complexity of the machine and the lifting operations. The training is organized in-company.

Ask for the possibilities.

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